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rencontre banal "Coming For The Ring" (The Ring Of Hope)
by prostituée saint dizier at 3/29/2017 11:25:33 PM

I'm on a winner status, striving for the ring of hope
So addicted to the manifestation like cling to dope
The moment of truth is prevailed after clearing the stream of smoke
Sing the quote
Of honor, integrity, be the things to tote

Rush of adrenaline swimming through the mind like Michael Phelps
Hoping what tomorrow brings, making sure the title's dealt
Days flash, nights pass, the universal cycle's felt
While eager to get it poppin' without using a rifle belt

A manifested mystery
A planned, directed victory
Win, lose, draw from with the hand to test the history

A vivid inauguration
Within the makin'
To be taken
Randoms mistaken
To be facin'
Through curation
Of duration

Even when the road get rough, indeed I'll still ride
I will glide
Through manifestation and let the deal vibe

2017, indeed it's time to bring the vote
To track the light while conquering the darkness for the ring of hope

(c) 2017 - Kris Smith


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Actually not bad
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3/30/2017 6:21:08 AM

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