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He popped in my inbox and said hello. A gentleman. I brushed him off like all the others but he and his approach stayed in my mind. I contacted him a few months later hoping I wasn't too late and my judgement of him was right. We have been communicating and seeing each other for a short whille now. He is what I was looking for from day one from the first about me that I wrote and changed an deleted several times. I enjoyed the experience of DH most of the time and am glad I came back. I feel at home in my heart and soul now. Don't know where it will go but I can say I am truly happy now. U Hun.

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pari, glad u are happy and hope it works out for u nice to see ubest wishes

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Thank you packer. Good to see you too.

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I can never get anybody to talk to me

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Keep trying. Go to profile reviews and get some help with profile ideas.

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Bye OP