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Single Women Orlando, Florida, FL, Light Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes
 Location:rencontres audiovisuelles de douala rencontre reunion site des rencontres tropicales
 Zip Code:32893
 Age:36, Scorpio
 Height:5 ft. 7 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Light Brown, Hazel
 Ethnicity:Native American
 Education:Some College
 Income:Less than $25,000
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:No
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About Me
I'm honest,caring,loving,spontaneous WOMAN,
Who can take care of her man and give him plenty of good loving,attention and sex'.
I'm affectionate and give hugs and kisses for no reason,
And like getting them back in any season.
I like to have fun and try not to dwell,
Some people think with a first glance they know what I'm all about,
Until I shut them down with some of the stuff that comes out my mouth.
I try to say what I mean and mean what I say,
But I try to be tactful,so not to ruin anyone's day.
I try to be respectful, maintain and be a lady most of the time,
If I disrespect you,you probably deserved it so don't whine.
I know how to act in different social scenes,
I love having friends,so I try not to be mean.
I love dancing and music of all different kinds,
R&B, Hip-Hop,Reggae,and that music that makes ya wanna slow grind.
I like to watch sports but I'm not a fanatic,
Basketball is my favorite,"the NBA is FANTASTIC."
I like watching movies, bowling, going to concerts and plays,
I play a lil' chess,do a lil' skating and like most women I love to shop,
And,hehehe,fellas,I like to be on top.
I'm not a goody two shoes or Miss Perfect not at all,
I'm pretty open-minded,outgoing but laid back a bit,
I'll try almost anything once,twice if I like it.
I'm single,no kids,never been married,but came close a few of times,
Then the smoke cleared and I learned them fools was out they minds.
I have a niece and nephew that I adore and I spoil 'em rotten,
I ain't gotta lie to kick wit chu, yo' mama, or anyone else,
So if you on that "BS", don't bring it my way, keep it to yo' self.
The man I desire will make me feel like a "QUEEN",
And in return,I’ll make him my “KING”.
I'm searching for a man who is caring,sweet,loving and romantic,
Someone who can keep his cool in hectic situations and not panic.
Someone who will love me for me and not try and change me into another,
I want a man who believes in chivalry and who will be a great lover.
Someone who is outgoing,spontaneous,but also down to earth and pretty cool,
A man that's pretty handy and can handle a tool.
A man who will remember all those special dates and times,
Someone who likes all kinds of music and likes to bump and grind.
Someone who is open-minded and not afraid to try new stuff,
And if I sound like a freak,oh well,but sometimes I like it "ROUGH"!
You must be affectionate and not afraid to show anyone,
That you are the man that can get the job done,
He can’t be mean or anything like that,
Nor abusive,cuz believe me I hits back,
So go on if you into all that drama,like fighting and fussing,
We could be doing something better,if you know what I mean,instead of all that cussing
But if I need to step into your shoes,I got yo'back,I can handle it.
I'm not looking for a goody two shoes or Mr.Perfect not at all,
I don't have any physical hang ups,but I prefer someone tall.
Someone who is,ohhh, maybe,over five feet,
So I can look up into his eyes I think that's sweet.
But,if you're not and you think you can handle all this,be my guest,
Cuz I love all ya'll men, short or tall,thick or thin,I must confess.
I am looking for someone whom we would hangout together and also have much fun and who is willing to make me happy.
Someone who will stand by me and show me some respect and treasure my moments in his heart until end of time and also would love us to meet sometimes not minding the distance between us..
So if you think you could give and receive love that’s fit for royalty,
Then what are you waiting for,get in touch with me!
Have I got your attention,well good,because I did my best,
And remember,I'm looking for Mr.Right-For-Me,maybe a little more,but definitely nothing less,
Now that you have a clue as to what I'm and looking for here on these Dating

Want To Find:A man ages 35 to 60 to date
I Like:
beach, cars, shopping, swiming..etc, the simpson, u2

My Gifts
RoseBox of ChocolatesBig Hug